Musician, Meredith Minogue met Marketing Executive; Merle Brown in 2002 while working at a NYC based health-supportive culinary school. Together as the Admissions team, they counseled, enrolled, and encouraged over 3,000 students to pursue their dreams in the professional culinary arts. 

Originally brought together by their shared passion for healthy food and its power to heal, Merle and Meredith forged a lasting professional and personal partnership that continues to blossom with the formation of their company, Tuning Fork Creations. 


Tuning Fork Creations was created on Earth Day 2014 when Merle and Meredith decided to follow the fork in the road. The final destination is where their combined passion for healthy food, music, art, and philanthropy intersect. 

Merle Brown Co-Founder/Managing Partner, has a Masters in Art Education. She has been a painter with work displayed in various galleries, an educator and the mover and baker behind the gourmet dessert company The Cheesecake Lady, which was highlighted in New York Magazine. She has over 28 years of significant experience and accomplishment in the areas of Sales, Marketing and School Administration. Merle is the mother of two sons. Her eldest, Jay, was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in 1966, when little was known about the effects and ramifications of that diagnosis. Jay passed away in 2011. He was forty-seven years old. Merle dedicates her work with Tuning Fork Creations to his memory. 

Meredith Minogue, Co-Founder/Managing Partner is a singer-songwriter, foodie, and lover of all creative expression. She is one half of the folk-rock duo, Violet, who released two CDs and played the CMJ Festival, Webster Hall, and The Knitting Factory. Violet’s debut album, “We Both Know It’s Out There” was voted one of the 10 best independent releases of 2001 by Performing Songwriter Magazine. Meredith was the creator of “Pro-Piece Symposium: A Multimedia Art Collective,” which served as the prototype for Tuning Fork Creations. She lives in Queens, NY with her husband and musical partner Jim and their rescue cat, Mack. In her personal domain she loves to cook and is an avid yoga practitioner.